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Sales is about exciting your customers with solutions that will improve their results, help them cut costs, enhance quality, accelerate productivity. Your value needs to be exciting and you need to be able to articulate that value in an exciting way.

Since 20 years, Valueselling provides your company, through our highly experienced sales consultants, customized, integrated, affordable and consistent programs to ensure that you will be able to sell more, better, and enjoy it along the way.

We deliver our services in customized programs on a worldwide basis in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

  • E-Valueselling: Remote Online Classroom

    MyCo wants to improve the sales skills and sales effectiveness of its sales team. The normal format for such a training would be the physical classroom. However, the corona epidemic might force us to go for the online approach using our online sales training Mysellingskills and interactive session using teleconference tools like Google Hangout, Zoom,…

  • Sell to the CIO

    A highly interactive 2,5 day program, in which participants can exericise their skills with real CIO’s. This training is integrated in your sales strategy and customized to your business and market challenges.

  • Impact training

    When you have a new product to launch, or a special message to convey, the Impact Session prepares your sales people in such a way that your product or message will be brought in a powerful, convincing and unequivocal way.

  • Commercial and advisory skills for consultants

    This program enables consultants to better articulate the value of what they are delivering and selling.

  • Everybody sells

    A one day workshop that gives all employees the tools to sell and contribute actively to revenue generation. It stresses the importance of customer satisfaction, helps to articulate the value of MyCO and gives tools for upselling and cross selling.

  • Presentation skills

    This program will bring out the excellent presenter in you, by teaching you how to make a customer oriented presentation and by helping you to deliver it in a compelling way.

  • Customer service

    Customer service, technical support, administration, they all play a crucial role in the customer satisfaction process that leads to higher rebuying rates. In this program we work in a very interactive way on those skills that contribute to the value experience of the customer.

  • Sales management skills and methods

    This program is designed for sales managers who want to make sure they obtain their targets, by applying the right management tools and using the proper leadership skills.

  • Finding, making, and keeping new customers

    A two day workshop that will help you to create new business with new customers.

  • Account management

    Sales is all about managing your accounts properly, especially those 20% of you customers that generate 80% of your revenue and profit. In this program we will audit your current account management and give you tools and ideas to improve your impact.

  • Emotional selling

    A two days training that will focus on the emotional aspect of selling, through awareness sessions, psychological insights and hands on exercises.

  • Negotiation skills

    Today’s purchasers are not only looking for price cuts and savings, but also process improvements and cost control in their value chain. In this program you will learn about the various tradeables that will lead to a good negotiated outcome.

  • Valueselling skills

    This program enables sales people, whether they are in sales management, field sales, or account management, to better articulate the value of what they are selling.

Our approach

After a classroom session of sales training, our participants are always very excited to go out and try out all those new techniques and insights on their customers. And that is good. Enthousiasm is very important and good action points after a training will drive new behaviour.

However, it is key to keep the momentum and fully implement all those new learnings and insights in a consistent way. That is why we see training as a long term development process, involving the participants, the managers and our consultants in a continuous improvement process.

The development projects we do for our customers are highly customized, taking into account the products and services, the market situation and the competence level of the participants. Preparation is key and the business cases we use during the training sessions are based on the client’s real customers.

We have made an ‘Implementation Toolkit’ for the managers and the participants; to make sure they make optimal use of all the tools, tips, tricks and work processes. The e-sales videos Mysellingskills are a spectacular complement to the classroom training: all the learning material can be viewed and trained anytime and anywhere in a very interactive and pleasant way.

This is our ‘blended learning approach’ resulting in consistent behaviour change and eventually better sales results.


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