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E-Valueselling: Remote Online Classroom

MyCo wants to improve the sales skills and sales effectiveness of its sales team. The normal format for such a training would be the physical classroom. However, the corona epidemic might force us to go for the online approach using our online sales training Mysellingskills and interactive session using teleconference tools like Google Hangout, Zoom,…




Definition of content, process, timing and logistics



All participants view Mysellingskills, which contains 6 modules. Each module takes 15 minutes and deals with the key moments of the sales conversation. Participants will get a personal access key to view the training in its entirety.


Online classrooms

We will set up a virtual classroom with 8 participants using teleconferencing tools such as Google Hangout, Skype or Zoom, depending the tools in use by MyCo.

These sessions will take 2,5 hours and will deal interactively with the key learning points, such as value proposition building, questioning skills, argumentation, objection handling, closing skills.

During these sessions, we will transfer content, discuss customer approach, do brainstorms and engage in roleplays.

We estimate to need 4 sessions to cover the necessary topics.

After every session, we will make a summary and action plan.


Continue the learning and apply the action points

Individual follow up sessions with each participants to answer questions and coaching.


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