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Customer service

A one day interactive workshop

The sales team is not the entire company, but the entire company should act as a sales team. These legendary words of Heinz Goldmann are still very true today.

Customer service, technical support, administration, they all play a crucial role in the customer satisfaction process that leads to higher rebuying rates. In this program we work in a very interactive way on those skills that contribute to the value experience of the customer.



Effective customer communication
  • How to communicate with customers and stakeholders
  • Evaluate our current approach
  • Awareness concerning the present skill level
  • Looking for areas of improvement
  • Constructive feedback Two key notions for more effective communication
  • A customer specific case
  • Exercises


Telephone techniques
  • The specifics of oral communication: no visuals, only voice and noise
  • What happens when we talk to people on the phone
  • Come to a better control of the medium
  • Guidelines: golden rules
  • Exercises


E-mail communication
  • The power and the danger of e-mail
  • E-mail has become an important medium
  • How to use it to support our communication
  • Guidelines: golden rules
  • Examples and exercises


Complaint handling
  • The psychology of complaints: dealing with the emotions
  • Insight in the mechanism of customer dissatisfaction
  • Acknowledging the complaint
  • Dealing with it in a structured and constructive way
  • Scheme of complaint handling
  • Corrective and preventive measures
  • Cases and exercises


Conflict resolution
  • Reduce the stress level in difficult communication situations, with customers and internal suppliers
  • Produce insight in stress levels and conflict situations
  • Use persuasive techniques
  • Prevent conflicts from arising
  • Guidelines for prevention and handling
  • Case and exercises


Action plan


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