Training programs

Sell to the CIO

A high-level selling skills training

A highly interactive 2,5 day program, in which participants can exericise their skills with real CIO’s. This training is integrated in your sales strategy and customized to your business and market challenges.

  • to learn how CIO’s think and act
  • to understand the concerns and interests of CIO’s
  • to conduct sales conversations successfully at the appropriate level
  • to sell the value of your products, services and solutions
  • Preparation of business cases, containing your products, markets and challenges
  • Selection and briefing of CIO
  • Training
  • Post-care: coaching by CIO

This revolves around answering 5 questions:

  • What are the problems a CIO has that your company’s offerings will solve or at least reduce?
  • Is solving these problems important to the CIO?
  • Does the CIO understand the real value that your solutions deliver?
  • Does solving the problems generate greater customer value than the costs incurred in purchasing, installing, using and if necessary, disposing of the product/service and does the return exceed the investment hurdle rate?
  • Is my offer superior to competitive offerings that the CIO is considering



Who are we selling to
  • Role and responsibilities of the CIO
  • Power dynamics operating in the customer and customer management hierarchy
  • How is the CIO’s performance judged?


How CIO’s work and the way they create value for their customers
  • Value creation and the value chain
  • Ways organisations choose to gain competitive advantage
  • Cost drivers
  • Customer value drivers


The sales person’s role
  • Move from sales person to consultant
  • Sources of information- Build a relationship with the CIO
  • Getting information from the CIO to build your case


Building your proposition to the CIO to generate a broad customer solution
  • Value and cost trade offs
  • Competitive comparison
  • Preparing the presentation


Communicating the value
  • Working with the customer
  • Building value in the customer’s mind
  • Presenting the proposition to the CIO


Debriefing on your sales performance by the CIO
  • What went well, what can be improved
  • Advise for future cases


Action plan


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