Training programs

Sales management skills and methods

A two day interactive workshop

This program is designed for sales managers who want to make sure they obtain their targets, by applying the right management tools and using the proper leadership skills.



How to become and remain an excellent sales manager
  • Critical success factors
  • The transition from selling to managing
  • Sales plans, monitoring systems
  • Selecting and developing the sales team
  • The sales operation
  • The sales process
  • Setting up and using a control system for your / any business
  • Analysis of key drivers and metrics


Sales planning and strategy
  • What it should include
  • Why you should have a plan
  • How your business situation affects the links to vision, mission, strategy, tactics
  • Links to and translating corporate goals
  • Techniques for developing action plans


Coaching within the sales environment: the hard skills
  • Key performance Indicators
  • Excercises to build my management dashboard and balanced score card for my sales reps


Motivating and guiding the sales team
  • Coaching and motivating my sales team
  • Links between behaviour and team results
  • Essential tools for developing sales teams


Coaching in the Field
  • Why, how, how often
  • Improve the quality, quantity and direction of the sales efforts to obtain the desired results
  • Coaching by Numbers, Action Plan and Results
  • Excercises


Implementing my result oriented management approach
  • Leadership and management tools
  • Theory and practice
  • Excercises on making it work
  • Handling sales reps objections and resistance:
    • Reporting
    • Customers
    • Market
    • Complaints


Performance evaluations, team meetings and development programs
  • Interactive exercises
  • Persistent follow up to guarantee sustainable results


Action plan


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