Training programs

Presentation skills

A one day interactive workshop

This program will bring out the excellent presenter in you, by teaching you how to make a customer oriented presentation and by helping you to deliver it in a compelling way.



What are we selling
  • The value creation process towards the customer
  • From a technical to a customer oriented argumentation
  • The value of our solutions
  • The FARP — key
  • Excercises
  • Feedback


How are we selling our value
  • Intrinsic/extrinsic/strategic value of our solutions
  • Key principles of customer oriented communication
  • The wall of communication and how to destroy it
  • Exercises in persuasive communication
  • Feedback


Presentation skills: the content
  • Value proposition
  • Structure and approach
  • Text and image
  • The V.CORAP key
  • Exercises
  • Feedback


Visual aids
  • Words and images
  • PPT, flip, white board
  • KISS
  • Slide diarrhea
  • Examples
  • Exercises


Delivering the presentation
  • Authority, enthousiasm, sharpness
  • Act normal
  • Lower the stress
  • The 4 capital sins
  • Dress code
  • Keep the attention of the audience


Presentation: the proof of the pudding
  • Speaking before an audience
  • Verbal and non-verbal aspects
  • Dry run
  • Exercises
  • Feedback


Action plan


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