Training programs

Commercial and advisory skills for consultants

A two day intense and interactive training and a one day follow up.

This program enables consultants to better articulate the value of what they are delivering and selling.

That value being:

  • Revenue generation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Mission-critical operations
  • Business processes
  • Quality
  • User productivity
  • Customer satisfaction



What is a good sales approach?
  • Evaluate a sales conversation
  • What does this mean to us?
  • How good are we?
  • Am I a trusted advisor?
  • Self assessment exercise


Matching the buying and selling cycle
  • How does a customer buy?
  • What are his needs?
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • Exercise


  • Define the qualitative and quantitative value MyCo has for its customers
  • The whole MyCo value experience
  • Value selling
  • Intrinsic
    • Intrinsic value
    • Extrinsic value
    • Strategic value
  • The consultative approach
  • Apply this to our customer base
  • Quantify MyCo’s value for the customers


Face to face selling skills
  • Multi level selling and articulation of value
  • High level sales meeting
  • Preparation
  • Agenda
  • Questioning
  • Argumentation
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Dry run
  • Feedback
  • Evaluation
  • Dealing with objections
  • Closing
  • Learning points


Advisory skills
  • The AED concept
  • Analysis-Evaluation-Decision
  • Structure the conversation
  • From Evidence to Impact and to Solution


In-depth questioning skills
  • Leading by questioning
  • The LSD concept
  • Types of questions
  • Brainstorming


Tools to structure the consultative conversation
  • Template
  • Silver bullit questions
  • Checklist
  • Exercises


Action plan


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