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Account management

A two day intense and interactive training

Sales is all about managing your accounts properly, especially those 20% of you customers that generate 80% of your revenue and profit. In this program we will audit your current account management and give you tools and ideas to improve your impact.



How well do I know my accounts?
  • Segmentation and criteria for segmentation
  • Profitable, strategic and nice customers
  • Exercise: screening of the portfolio
  • The business strategy of my accounts
  • The customers of my customers
  • The decision maker and the decision processes
  • My market share with these accounts
  • The competition with these accounts
  • Cost and profit
  • Action plan


How well do I manage my accounts?
  • Rebuying rate and customer loyalty
  • Upselling and cross selling
  • Brickwalling and locking devices
  • Product and services mix
  • Forecasting
  • Audit
  • Exercise: Audit of my account management


Account planning
  • Objectives
  • Long term planning
  • Short term planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative approach
  • Efforts and results
  • Exercise: Make a good account plan


Action plan
  • Elaborate the account plan
  • Present the account plan
  • Feedback on the account plan
  • Light and heavy version of the account plan
  • Best practices


Reality check
  • Prepare the meeting
  • Execute the meeting
  • Debrief the meeting
  • Best practices


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