Consulting services

Our consulting services help you improve your competence, manage your efforts so that you will have a much better chance of achieving results.

  • Sales coaching

    Managers don’t always have the time to accompany their people in the field, to coach them. offers performance enhancement services through coaching, for field sales people, account managers, and sales managers.

  • Sales assesments

    Every company wants to be certain that it has the right people, with the right skills, on the right job. Assessments will help you, in an objective way, to identify the best people for the job, and define their specific development needs.

  • Sales audit

    In this program we will be conducting a number of practical health checks that will reveal the weaknesses and opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency in your sales operations.

  • Deal coaching

    Are your working on a Must Win Deal, a project you cannot afford to loose?Valueselling goes with your team in a war room to help you with the strategy and tactics of this particular deal.We have developed a method to improve your chances of winning important deals:

  • Keynote speeches

    Valueselling consultants are gifted and enthousiastic speakers who regularly address large audiences of business professionals.

  • Sales performance enhancement

    By means of our Sales Health Radar, Valueselling makes an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your sales organization.We analyse the 9 parameters that matter for your sales productivity:

Our approach

Every company wants to improve its results. Those results may be more turnover, higher margin, more volume. Now, any manager who thinks he can manage his company by pressing for results is an idiot. When results are there, it is too late for managerial interventions.

The interesting question is: what leads to results? The answer is: efforts. Efforts can be managed. First of all, one must choose the directions of the efforts: what kind of customers, what kind of products, what kind of sales approach?

Then there is the quantitative dimension: how many sales meetings, how many demonstrations, how many phone calls do you need to do to achieve your target?

Another question is the quality of the efforts: how good is your product presentation, how good are you at negotiating a deal?

It all boils down to competence: having the right skill sets and the correct knowledge to do the right efforts, will lead to the desired results.


FREE sales counseling

What do I say to my customers? How can I serve them in these dire times? How do I reach out to new customers who probably can’t even take my call?

So many sales related questions. The Valueselling consultants are here for you.

Book an appointment for free counseling and we will try together to find some useful answers to your sales challenges.

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