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In many organisations the sales operation is a black box. Even with the most sophisticated reporting systems, it is very hard to find out what really happens out there in the field. What do the sales reps tell our customers? How do they behave? Do they ask the right questions? Do they ask any questions at all? What is their added value in the value creation process? What is the quality of their closing techniques.

Managers don’t always have the time to accompany their people in the field, to coach them. offers performance enhancement services through coaching, for field sales people, account managers, and sales managers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Do It Now
  • Keep It Private
  • Recognise The Positives
  • Focus On Performance
  • Make It Two Way
  • Adopt The Appropriate Style
  • Agree on An Action Plan
  • Use Active Listening Skills
  • Consider Questioning Techniques
  • Relate To Competencies / Behaviours / Numbers
  • Always welcome positive feedback
  • Invite feedback regularly (it’s not so painful after the first few times!)
  • Thank them for the feedback (Yes – very hard)
  • Always listen to what is being said, don’t jump to conclusions
  • Try to understand why you are receiving feedback
  • Try not to be defensive or justify what you have done
  • If you do not understand what is being said, ask for clarification of what is meant
  • Ask them to give examples of your behaviour which give rise to the feedback
  • Look for solutions, or give suggestions – ask them for suggestions
  • Agree what happens next


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