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Sales audit

In this program we will be conducting a number of practical health checks that will reveal the weaknesses and opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency in your sales operations.



Market approach
  • Product/market combinations
  • Customer segmentation
  • From lead to deal
  • Rebuying/new sales
  • Funnel management
  • Apply this to your own practice


Customer approach
  • How well do we know our customers?
  • What is the competition doing at our customers’?
  • Our Unique Selling Points
  • Up sell and cross sell opportunities
  • Health check of the selling and buying cycles
  • Apply this to your own practice


Sales team
  • Are we working on the right customers?
  • Are we working on the right projects?
  • Competence and motivation of our people
  • Price selling skills and negotiation skills
  • Training, development and coaching
  • Apply this to your own practice


Result planning
  • The REC model
  • Which efforts lead to which results?
  • Backward planning and forward planning
  • Pipeline and forecasting
  • Quality of reporting
  • Apply this to your own practice


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