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Every company wants to be certain that it has the right people, with the right skills, on the right job. Assessments will help you, in an objective way, to identify the best people for the job, and define their specific development needs.



Definition of the profiles

In close collaboration with the management, we define the parameters that will serve as the ideal portrait against which the candidates will be evaluated. The profile defines very clearly the roles, responsibilities and results that are expected from the candidate. This profile contains a number of measurable parameters that will be observed and evaluated during the behavioural interview, the field coaching and the simulation exercise.

These profiles contain the essential competencies for a candidate. For instance, in the case of an account manager the following competencies, among others, will be screened:

  • Strategic capability
  • Conceptual approach
  • Communicative skills
  • Multilevel selling
  • Methodical implementation of a sales strategy
  • Motivation
  • Team skills


Definition of the observation tools

During the assessment, we will be using three observation tools:

  • The behavioural interview: a customized questionnaire will be developed. With the behavioural interview, the conceptual capabilities and the motivation will be screened.
  • The field observation: a checklist will be developed with the appropriate parameters. During the field observation the methodical approach and the communicative skills will be evaluated.
  • The account case: a realistic case study that is typical for the candidate’s market will be developed. This allows us to evaluate the strategic skills and the multilevel selling approach.


The behavioural interview


To give the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and awareness of the essential competencies.
  • To raise the participants’ awareness of the essential competencies and how they rate themselves against this criteria.


Field observation

The assessor accompanies the candidate during a number of sales visits. This allows us to observe real life situations and make a reality check of the self perception of the candidate.


Simulation of an account case

This module contains three steps:

  • Preparation: the candidate makes a written preparation that will be part of the final report.
  • The simulation: the assessor observes and evaluates the performance of the candidate according to pre-defined criteria.
  • The debriefing: the candidate evaluates his performance and this evaluation is evaluated by the assessor.



Valueselling makes a full report that contains:

  • Profile
  • Report of the behavioural interview
  • Report of the field observation
  • Report of the business case
  • Final evaluation, overall recommendations for career orientation, training and development needs


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