• Jan Flamend

    Jan Flamend has extensive experience as a sales director and as a sales consultant. Jan worked as a sales director for Apple Computer and Hewlett Packard. He founded Valueselling.be in 2000.

  • Vincent Flament

    Vincent Flament is an experienced Sales Manager and Sales professional with a broad understanding of Services Sales. He was always keen to train and share his experience with others.

  • Peter Tans

    Peter has a broad management experience in sales & marketing. He executed several management jobs throughout Europe during the past 20 years. He studied Commercial Engineer (Economic sciences) at the Hasselt University and completed his education with an MBA at the Catholic University of Leuven.

  • Jean-Pierre Coenjaarts

    Jean-Pierre Coenjaarts is a dedicated and seasoned professional with over 30 years of business experience in Sales, Solutions & Services Sales, Sales Management, Recruitment and Training.

  • Alan Melkman

    Alan Melkman MBA, BSc(eng) is Managing Director of Marketing Dynamics Ltd, a qualified engineer and a graduate of London Business School. He specialises in customer and strategic account management, marketing management and selling/sales management.

  • Jose Maria Ruperez

    Jose Maria Ruperez is a business and management development consultant with over 22 years of experience with large corporations in the high technology sector (HP, DEC, Compaq).

  • Jean-Luc Kastner

    Jean-Luc Kastner is a graduated Engineer with masters in Process Engineering and Industrial Design. Aside from his training and consulting activities, Jean-Luc is a certified Professional Coach.

  • Gus Simpson

    Gus Simpson is a trainer and consultant with over 30 years experience of working in and with large multi-national compamies, mainly in the high-tech sector. He uses his extensive line management experience to bring learning to life and make it relevant for the next generation of senior management.

  • Jean-Claude Touzé

    Jean-Claude Touzé is the founder of Arcalis, a sales and business performance consulting practice since 2004 and has been active as a dedicated trainer and facilitator since 2003, and is fluent in French and English, with a focus on sales performance consulting and coaching.

  • Jong Shian Shiah

    Dr. Summer Shiah, with over 25 years in sales and marketing experience, received his DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degree in Marketing in 2005.

  • Antonio Vilches

    Antonio Vilches is Industrial Engineer (Polytechnic University. ETSII. Madrid-Spain. 1978), Doctor of Business Administration. EIU. Miami, USA) , Member of the Council and Technical Adviser of the “Dirección y Organización” Magazine of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), and Faculty member of Management Centre Europe (MCE) and American Management Association (AMA)

  • Willem Kralendonk

    Willem is a highly skilled sales trainer. He worked for Mercuri International and now he is the owner of Employee Facility Services in Hilversum, Netherlands.


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