Peter Joos Consultant Valueselling.

Peter Joos has a distinguished career in account management, sales and marketing management, and general management in the telecom and applied ICT business. He studied Civil Engineering and Business Management, and executed management jobs in national and international Corporates but also in medium and smaller businesses. He is an experienced and result driven consultant with core competencies in General Management, Business Development / Commercial Management.  Peter works especially on people and team inspiration and drive,  having the customer’s “customer journey” as prime focus.

As Sales and Marketing director at Switch, the largest Apple Premium Reseller, he transformed the Go to Market of Apple towards small and soho business customers driven by ‘ICT as a Service’ packages rather than the product one-off sale.

As General Manager of Niko Projects he setup a disruptive market approach in new building automation.  He introduced the concept of ‘building automation as a Service’ towards assisted living and care homes to unlock the traditional business model and monetize functionalities of sensor/actor automation.

Between 2006 to 2009, he was Vice President for the Mid-Size market segment at Proximus and launched the combined offering of mobile Proximus) , fixed (Belgacom) and ICT (Telindus) as an integrated service model;  allowing a customer to buy  a “service experience” rather than a set of complex elements.

His objective is to improve the results of his customers and maximizing his role as trusted advisor for change and growth projects,  unlocked by the possibilities of the digital transformation.  Be it organizational, people or offering, with special attention to work from a fully supported vision with resulting executable strategic actions.

Since 2023, Peter has chosen to put his almost 40 years of operational experience and people motivation to help, support and inspire companies and their managers to execute transformations that work.  It includes jointly developing and training organizations to structure this around the proven methodology of VALUESELLING, a training and consultancy company focusing on Sales Excellence and Sales Effectiveness projects in order to improve the results of customers.

Peter can also engage in pragmatic business coaching programs for high level executives and managers

You can find more info linkedin.com/in/peterjoos/


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