Liesbet Beusen Business Partner & co-Owner Valueselling.

Liesbet holds a master in industrial engineering and looks back on an impressive 30-year career.

Her sales insight was honed during her position as a project manager in numerous civil engineering projects. She adeptly navigated pre-sales processes and tender procedures, and negotiated with local governments and other stakeholders. Here she learned the ability to blend technical expertise with a keen understanding of sales dynamics.

Furthermore, she played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality control of touristic route networks across the province. Managing multiple teams, she not only maintained high standards but also gained invaluable experience in handling customer’s complaints, solving the problems together with local governments, a testament to her ability to address challenges head-on.

She is not only a seasoned professional but also an accomplished educator. Her ten years of teaching experience have equipped her with the skills to deliver engaging and motivating workshops. Her unique ability to impart knowledge in an inspiring manner makes her an excellent mentor and educator.

At s-Lim, she delved further into the world of sales and negotiation. Her mission was to make her province a smart region, a place where technology and innovation blend seamlessly to improve residents’ lives. This was not just about closing deals; it was also about forging partnerships. She sought contact with local governments, seeing them as crucial stakeholders in this great transformation to create a sustainable, progressive province that would serve as a beacon of progress for the whole country.

You can find more info on linkedin.com/in/liesbet-beusen-a3a58a78

Liesbet gives seminars in Dutch, English and French.


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