Guy Rooman Consultant Valueselling.

Driven Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Change Specialist for the technical B2B Market.

Guy Rooman holds a master in industrial engineering and a distinguished international commercial career in the B2B technical market.

Initially he started the Belgian sales for several foreign companies in the Instrumentation market which brought him the competence of prospection , lead conversion and client relation management.

Later on he held different  worldwide sales and marketing management roles in the field of Cable TV and soft – and hardware ICT and Telecommunications.

During this 15 year period he developed several management skills in leading small and international commercial organizations. Among these Leitmotiv, Product Management, Situational people approach and product/market segmentations.

In the next professional phase he focused on the Benelux market for several SME metal and plastic customized product manufacturers. During this period he came acquainted and convinced with various value selling tools and philosophies.

This brought his focus on “work smarter/structured, not harder” and “sell the value, don’t lower the price”.

Since 2018 he started his own consultancy company focusing on the next level migration of (family owned) SME manufacturing companies. Value selling is amongst others a very important and successful methodology in this transition.


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