Gert Van Duyse Associated Partner Valueselling.

Gert brings +30 years of experience working for multinationals in Belgium and the Netherlands in commercial and general management leadership roles.

After complementing a Master in Finance @ the Antwerp University with a Master in Marketing @ Vlérick Management School he started off as a business analyst for ESSO in Breda but then moved quickly to build his sales and commercial trajectory in Healthcare.

He worked 10 years for IQVIA bringing Sales Force Efficiency solutions and Implementation Programs to his customers in Pharma and MedTech. Then he went to work for the Medtech industry (Johnson & Johnson, Air Liquide Medical and Atos-Coloplast) offering medical devices and adjacent services to Health Care Professionals and in direct to chronic Patients in the field of Diabetes and Respiratory Care.

Gert has worked always in close collaboration with his commercial teams and their customers and is passionate about improving the impact of sales people and their leaders through development programs and coaching.

He has lived the SFE concepts he teaches and can engage his audience by helping them to think and to act on how to match a compelling value proposition in the appropriate way to (often unveiled) customer needs.

A Flemish native having lived 25 years in Brussels, Gert moved in 2021 to the The Hague – Netherlands. From there he he is an associated partner of the Valueselling network to bring the proven value based selling concepts to Dutch commercial organizations wanting to invest in augmented sales excellence and  sales effectiveness capabilities with a sustainable impact. With the valueselling.be backbone, customers can scale up the programs to nearly all big markets worldwide.

Gert can conduct his seminars and sessions in Dutch, English and French.   


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