Are women better in sales than men?

Boss, I have a question for you.
Shoot, Peter.
Do you think women are better sales people than men?
That’s a difficult one, Peter. Why do you ask?
Never answer a question with another question, boss. Are women better sales people than men?
I would say yes and no.
That is a very clear reply, boss.
Women do have certain talents and competences that men sometimes lack.
The ability to relate, the ability to listen, the ability to care.
Those are clichés, boss.
Sure they are, but clichés contain truths, Peter. You want some more?
Sure, I asked the question.
I think they are more reliable, more committed, more diligent.
Listening to you, one would think that men are neanderthalers.
In a way, we are, Peter.
Are they also better performers? I mean, do they have better sales results.
I am not sure about that. We would need to look into a vast number of emperical data to answer that question in a decent way. I think Xerox once made the analysis and they concluded that 70 % of the female reps made the numbers, whereas only 67% of the men did. Another statistic I once came across: only 39% percent of the sales population is suppsed to be female.
Do you think customers react better to a lady sales person than to a gentleman sales person?
That depends on the gender of the customer, Peter. Would a woman purchaser buy more easily from a another woman than from a man? Would a male buyer buy more easily from a woman than from a man?
My guess is that the latter is true.
Which one, Peter?
I am convinced that a man buys more easily from a woman than from a man.
Why would that be?
A man is easily seduced, he likes to be the macho, he thinks he will get favors from the lady when he helps her to make her numbers. The peacock reflex.
This is a dangerous territory you’re embarking on, Peter. I think it all depends on the kind of industry you’re in. There are very few women in the car selling industry, and there are relatively few male sales reps in the pharmaceutical branche.
What about our branche, the ICT business, boss?
Women are a minority in the computer and telco business. Altough, the best sales people I have ever worked with, were ladies. Those particular women were much better than their male collegues. That was the case at my previous company.
Suppose you are a customer, which gender would you prefer your sales person to have?
Probably female. I remember very distinctly going into a men’s clothing shop because I needed to buy a tie. I left with a complete new suit, two new shirts, two new ties and a belt. That lady was so good at flattering my vanity that I would buy anything from her.
Forgive me for asking, boss, but why are there no women in our team?
Well, erm. That is because HR hasn’t come up with a sales lady that is better than you, Peter. That is what you wanted me to say, isn’t it?

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